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यहाँ, आप प्रभु सेवा संबन्धित प्रश्न पूछ सक्ते हैं |



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    hemal shah (2 weeks)


    pinjaru ma seva thye?

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      Ashirwad, haa, pindru ma seva thai shake. Pindru na divas poorna thaya pachi badhi chikas wali vastu kadhi nakhvi.

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    Nirvan Gandhy (1 month)

    Dandvat JeJe

    Can you please elaborate why is mehndi barred in thakurji seva ?

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      Ashirwad, in Pushtimarg, prabhu seva is done with “baal bhaav”, in which utmost care is taken of “tat-sukh” of our prabhu. Mehendi(henna) emits a pungent odour, which is considered too strong for our prabhu, hence it is avoided.
      But nowadays, mehendi with gud/jaggery & kumkum is also widely used on occasions, this can be done as it does not emit any smell.
      Hope this answers your question.

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    Shradha (6 months)

    Dandwat j j,
    What if we forget to offer gunja mala to thakorji(chitranji)?
    Also plz lt me know, I live in New Zealand, which weather shall I consider to perform seva? The weather of vraj or local weather?

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      Jaidevlalji Goswami (6 months)

      Ashirwad, in Pushti seva along with bhaav, alertness is also necessary. So, one needs to be careful while offering seva to prabhu. If you forget something, accept it as Shri Thakurji’s wish, but also at the same time remind yourself to always stay alert and attentive while performing seva.
      As far as your second query is concerned, “यथा देहे तथा देवे”, prabhu also feels the same way we feel, so you can perform seva according to your locations weather conditions but as pushti seva is all about “सेवा रीति प्रीति व्रजजन की”, we also must not forget the bhav bhavna and the environment of Vraj.
      An example can be, if it is hot in NZ but sheetkal in Vraj, then while shringar you can offer single layered vastra to prabhu but at the same time place winter vastra near Shri Thakurji, same while shayan, you can make prabhu cover with light cloth but place gaddalji near shayyaji as well.
      Hope this answers both the questions.


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    amit shah (7 years)

    i want to know about that, my father expired before 17 days. after how many days my mother[widow] can do “sewa of shri thakorji” ? after how many days my self [son or daughter in law] can do “sewa of shri thakorji” ?

    amit shah

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      Dear Amit bhai, Ashirwad, It is a general practice that after the sutak is over, those family members who aren’t taking part in the “kriya’s”, aren’t following “शोक – mourning” can resume the Seva. Those who are involved in completing the kriya’s (maasik, barsi etc.) must resume Seva after the kriya’s, mourning-शोक is over.

      Feel free to ask in case of any doubts.

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    alka shah (7 years)

    Dandwat jeje, mare mara thakorji ne pushtava che, i want to know how do i take chitraji of takhorji to my guru

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      Dear Alka ben, Ashirwad,
      First you must prepare the zhanpiji (usually made of cane or wood), place a gadiji inside and cover it with a vastra. Place takiya(cushions) on all the sides and then place Shri prabhu’s chitraji on gadiji (chitraji ne podhavo). Place prabhu’s venu vetra (bansi chhadi) and then cover Shri thakurji with vastra(in sheetkal, cover with rajaai/dulaai too).

      Place zhariji filled with mishri inside along with bantaaji filled with suka meva.
      Close the zhanpiji and tie with a new kesari or red cloth with 1 and half knot.

      According to the ritu, carry Shri Thakurji’s vastra, all necessary shringar and especially a “gunja mala” along with a bottle of “attar”. Also carry a packet of mishri with you.
      Wear a kesari/red saree and Carry all this along with zhanpiji to your gurudev on the day and time as discussed between you and your gurudev. Please remember, carry zhanpiji in your hands, not in a bag.

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    jay shah (7 years)

    J j dandwat
    J j mara lalaji khandit thai gaya che mara lalaji ramta lalaji che to mare amne su karvu joiye im worried seeing this condition of my lalaji

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    meena (10 years)

    JJ Danvat
    Jai shree krishna!
    I wanted to know whether I have to take Aggya for doing ankoot on diwali.I offer sakhadi bhog every day to thakor ji.

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    Anil Sah (10 years)

    Dear Sir,
    Could you please write me about why we grow javare during Novratere. What is the story behind that and effect as well.

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    Meena (10 years)

    Jai shree Krishna
    Is it necessary to take aggya from our Guru to do all the seva we do to Thakoji (Jariji ,Bhog Snan etc)?As i have forgotten about what aggya was given to me at the time of bhramasamband.
    Please help me.

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      * As per the Pushtimargiya Protocols, a vaishnav must say” JJ Dandvat” to Vallabh Vanshaj.

      1. If you have been doing Pusht Seva from the time you took Brahmasambandh, then no need to take aagnya of your guru, as the things you have mentioned like Jhariji, Bhog and Snan are the basics of Seva and it is mandatory to do it. But, suppose if you are offering only mishri bhog to your prabhu and now want to offer Ansakhdi or sakhdi bhog, then you need to take the further aagnya of your guru.

      2. If after taking Brahmasambandh you have not been performing Pusht Seva all these years and now by prabhu’s grace you have been urged to do His Seva, then you definitely need to take aagnya as to how to perform Seva of prabhu from the Vallabh Vanshaj whom you will approach for the aagnya of performing Pusht Seva.

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    Dushyant (10 years)

    Jai shree Krishna
    I have a lot of questions to ask.
    i have in total 2 chavis of ShriNathji ,a Ladoo gopal ji,Chavi of Yamunaji ,a murti of Vallabhacharya Mahaprabuji and a silver Tulsi tree.I am 14 and 1/2 years and i do a lot of seva of shree thakorji But i dont have Bramhasamband.Idont do all the Sevas according to the temple like all the ashta darshan but i do as much as possible.Is there any alternative for doing all the darshans as i dont get time to do all darshans.And can i know in which part of the year i should do gwal and shayan bhog as i have heard that shayan is only done for 6months.

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      First and foremost, it is the Pushtimargiya Diksha (Brahmasambandh) taken from a vallabh vanshaj, which allows a daivi jeev to perform Pushtimargiya Seva of prabhu. It is only after Brahmasambandh that the lord comes to know you, accepts your seva and starts listening to you.
      As you mentioned that you have not taken Brahmasambandh, you are not a Pushtimargiya yet.
      So, first take Brahmasambandh and then post these questions again……hope you have understood.

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    mona karnam (10 years)

    i want to do seva as per pustumarg .i know v little

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      ” Aap Seva Kari Seekhve Shri Hari “
      The more you stay in “Sanmukh” of the lord, the more he will (give prerna)urge you to serve him and show you the way to perform his Seva.
      If you have taken brahmasambandh then you must approach your guru (vallabhkul)/gurughar and take the aagnya from them…if it is not possible then post here again.
      You must do satsang with other vaishnavs who have been performing Seva and must also do paath and Ashtakshar Mantra(Shree Krishna Sharanam Mama) daily.
      Even there are various books available(like Seva Reeti Preeti Vraj Jan ki) which explains in detail the way to perform Seva as per Pushtimarg.
      Further, you can visit the utsav/seva section of my website to get an idea of our tradition.

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    mittal (10 years)

    dandvaj jj..

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    Hitesh (10 years)

    Dandwat Pranam,

    I took Brahmasambandh about one and a half year ago. I am aged 38 years currently.

    Although a strong believer of Shri Thakorji, I was totally unaware of Pushti Marg and Seva because I have stayed out of my house for my studies and later on had to leave my home since that was desired by my parents. This resulted in me and my wife to build our lives and we both were totally ignorant of all the Pushti Margiya Seva.

    JeJe, I have a confession to make – Due to my ignorance, I have in past consumed alcohol & eggs – And after my Brahmasambandh, I have committed the sin once –

    JeJe, I feel so guilty about this – Although I have realized my mistake, and have stopped this totally, I feel I have voided a rule.

    Secondly, Jeje, due to my hard circumstances, I have taken anya ashraya – i.e. Anya Dharma Guru who follows a Mataji ( Goddess) path.

    This two mistakes of my life – hurts me very much JeJe – I feel I have sinned – I genuinely feel praschatap – JeJe, Will Shree Thakorji forgive my sin and accept me and give me one chance to serve him ?

    JeJe, I cant tell anyone, nor share with anyone, and since this is online, this is the only medium I can confide – I have only one desire – To Serve Shree Thakorjee and be his Das Forever – If only my one mistake will be forgiven and I can once again come back on the correct track.

    Please guide me JeJe, I am really very annoyed with myself.

    Dandwat Pranam.

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      Ashirwad Hitesh,

      In our Pushtimarg, each and every thing happens according to the wish of Prabhu and each and every person has to pass through a phase of “Kasoti”. You have passed through this phase in your life and the very fact that you have “Pashchataap/remorse” for what you did clearly indicates that the “Param Dayalu Prabhu” has already forgiven you.

      ” प्रभु: सर्व समर्थोही, ततो निश्चिंततां व्रजेत ”
      – Chatushloki (Shri Vallabhcharyaji).

      “Jab Jaago Tab Savera”, so, now you can start fresh and start doing seva of any pushtimargiya swaroop in which you have Asakti(Pusht from Vallabhkul Balak) and start doing “Ashtakshar Mantra – श्री कृष्ण : शरणं मम ” as well as paath of “Yamunashtak” which will keep away the negative thoughts and will keep your mind and heart in the “Charan kamal of Yugal Swaroop”.

      So, from now on don’t get stuck in thinking about your bad past but rather start thinking positively about the future and Prabhu Seva and never do “Anyashray”.

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        Hitesh (10 years)

        Dandwat Pranam JeJe,

        Today I am truly blessed.

        From now onwards, my entire life is dedicated to Shri Thakorji and will follow AapShri’s Aagya.

        Dandwat Pranam.

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    Hiren Bhatia (11 years)

    Dandavat Jeje,
    I am trying to make a bed for our Thakorji.
    My mother has 4 Chabis for seva. Can you please send us or guide us where we can get a design for the Bed we want to make for them.


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      In order to guide you in the correct manner, you will have to mention as to where you live.
      Also, which are the chabis for seva and whether they are joined or separate….do specify.

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    Pankil Majmudar (11 years)

    Danvant Pranam

    I am doing pushti seva from last 2 years. I want to know that can we make the Khel bhavana after Rajbhog or should it be done after Shringar and then serve Rajbhog to Lord.
    Can you please suggest the correct Kram.

    Also I wanted to know that previously i was able to make astha yaam seva in morning but because of my work now i am able to do seva only till Rajbhog in morning. Can you please suggest.


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      The Khel Bhavna must be done after the shringaar and then raajbhog must be offered to Shri Thakurji.
      After Shringaar prabhu is made biraajman in Palna and then the khel bhavna is done.
      But, if you are performing Seva according to Gokulchandramaji’s house, then khel in palna does not apply but Thakurji is seated on the singhasan and khel is done.
      The Khel Bhavna mentioned here, is the nitya Khel Bhavna.

      Your 2nd question seems to be quiet confusing…..
      You say that now you are able to perform seva only upto raajbhog in the morning,
      So, is there any other family member doing the shayan of Shri Thakurji ??

      if not, then
      What about the Shayan ? who does it ?,
      do clarify…

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    Ajay bhagat (11 years)

    Dandvat Jeje,

    While performing thakorji ni seva , my 6-1/2 years old daughter allways trying to help us in following activities like

    1) Thakorji ને અરિસો દેખાદવો
    2) Thakorji ને પોતાની ગોદિ મા બિરજમાન કરવા
    3) Thakorji ને અતર લગાદવુ
    4) જારિ નુ જલ ભરવુ
    5) વસ્ત્ર પહેરાવવા
    6) શ્રિગાર કરવો
    7) બન્તાજિ – જારિ જિ ને શુદ્ધ કરવા
    8) Thakorji ને ખિલોના થિ ખેલાવવા……વગેરે વગેરે

    A) Jeje , kindly suggest / guide us up to what stage we should allow her & at what limits.
    She is not having બ્રહમસબન્ધ yet.

    B) What should be the right age of her to have a બ્રહમસબન્ધ ?

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      Jaidev Goswami (11 years)

      Ashirwad Ajay Bhai,

      As per your post, it is quiet clear that your daughter almost does all the seva possible except bhog.
      she is doing 99% of the seva.

      But, currently this Seva is not Falit (Fruitful) to her, as she is not having Brahmasambandh.
      It is possible that she has good Bhavna towards Shri Thakurji and Shri Thakurji also would like to Angikar her Seva.
      But, શ્રી ઠાકુરજી શ્રી વલ્લભ ના વચનો થી બન્ધાયેલા છે. Unless she takes Brahmasambandh her seva will not be accepted(Angikar nahi thaay).

      So, dont limit her Seva but encourage her to do full Seva by Brahmasambandh.

      Shri Chaturbhujdasji was given Brahmasambandh when he was just 11 days old and there are people taking brahmasambandh at the age of 90+.
      So, this shows that,there is no right or wrong age for Brahmasambandh.
      It totally depends on shri Thakurji’s grace(kripa).

      But, by this question coming to your mind, it seems that Thakurji wants to accept her Pushti Seva, so, this is the right time for Brahmasambandh.
      Go ahead and make Her Bhavna towards Shri Thakurji even stronger by Brahmasambandh.

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        Ajay Bhagat (11 years)

        Dandvat jeje,

        આપનો detail મા reply સમજી ને અમો ને તુરન્ત જ અમારી 6-1/2 years old daughter નુ બ્રહ્મસમન્ધ લેવાની wish આપની ક્રુપા થી પરિપુર્ન થઈ.

        આપની amidrashati સદાય આમો વૈશન્વો પર વરસતી રહે.

        My duaghter is so exicted to do prabhu seva whenever she gets chance.

        Also she do everyday dandvant to your photographs as her gurudev.

        Jeje , she is having her own query that can she put your photograph inside thakorji mandir ?

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          Ashirwad Ajay Bhai,

          It is great to hear this reply of yours.
          Thakurji ni kripa sadaa tamara parivaar par rahe and Prabhu na Charno maa chitt sadaa laagyo rahe.

          Gurudev’s Chitra must not be placed in Shri Thakurji’s Mandir.

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    alpesh mehta (11 years)

    Dear JJ
    Jai gokulke chandra
    site is nice i came to know about this site after talking with shri milanbawaji when i had visited ghatkopar may thakorji help you to guide us vaishanavs in the right path of seva & bhakthi
    apno sevak
    alpesh mehta

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    poonam parekh (11 years)

    આપ સવે ને અમારા નુતન varsha abhinandan.
    aapna sevak.poonam,darshika,hema,pankaj

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    yogesh kundalia (11 years)

    દન્ડ્વત જે જે
    થોડા દિવસ પહેલા pest control was made in room where thakorji is there at atime of pest control thakorji ને બહાર
    પધરાવ્વા કે ત્યાજ રાખવા we are performing only morning seva &pest control done on afternoon if taken out then how with palangadi & jhariji or

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      Jaidev Goswami (11 years)

      Aashirwad Yogesh Bhai,

      The best way is that :
      one day before pest control, Thakurji na Shayan, Zhaanpiji maa karavva, but, Zhaanpiji ne baandhvaa nahi(dont tie), thodu Zhaanpijinu modhu khullu rahe tem padhraavva.
      Zhaariji, bantaaji bahaar padhraavva.

      Pest control aave, tena pahela, Zhaanpijine prabhu naa anukool jagyaa maa padhravvaa.
      Vaas(smell) nikadi jaay, pachi Zhaanpijine paachaa, original jagya par, swachhaa kari, mandir vastra kari, padhravva.
      Aa karti vakhte, reshmi vastra thi Zhaanpiji, Zhariji ane bantaaji ni her-pher karvi.

      Aa karti vakhate, seva na vastra pahervaano aagraha raakhvo.

      Option 2:

      Pest control vaala divase, jo prabhu anukool beeja room ni sagvaltaa hoy to, tyaan seva pohonchvi.
      one day before, jyaare thakurji shaiyya par podhe, tena pachi badho saahitya, beejaa room maa shift karvo, (except, shaiyyaji, bantaji and zhariji.)
      Beeja divase, beejaa room maa mangala ni vyavastha karine, thakurjini original jagyaa maa mangala karaavi, potaana haat maa komaltaa thi padhraave, beejaa make-shift room maa singhasan par padhraavvu.
      Mangal bhog dharvu. Pachi Zhariji, bantaaji ane Shaiyyaji pan beeja room ma laavi padhraav vu…………. Routine seva pohonchvi.

      Pest control vaalaa divase, Shayan beejaa room maaj karvaa.

      Next day after pest control,……………do the same as above, to start the seva in original room.

      ………………………..But, the first option is easier…………………………

      Feel free to ask, if any further doubts.

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    pankaj parekh (11 years)

    shri milanbavashri ne janmadivas ni khub khub badhai
    From darshika, poonam, hema and pankaj.

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    pankaj parekh (11 years)

    અમારો સેવા પ્રકાર શુક્ષ્મche. સવારે thakorji ne jagavi,mangala ,shringar,rajbhog,ane sen.
    Jhaariji ketli vaar bharvi.

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      Jaidev Goswami (11 years)

      Ashirwaad, Pankaj Bhai,
      According to your seva description,
      Jhariji must be kept at the time of:

      1. Mangal Bhog,
      2. along with Shringaar Bhog,
      3. Raajbhog,
      4.Shayan Bhog.
      5. Lastly at the time of Shayan, at the side of Shaiyaaji.

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    AJay Bhagat (11 years)

    Dandwat Jeje, we feel ourselves lucky to receive your guidelines with kripa via this site.

    jeje , during performing seva do we need to half open bantaji ?

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      Jaidev Goswami (11 years)

      Ashirwad, Ajay Bhai,

      While performing Seva there is no need to keep the Bantaaji half open.
      But, at the time of Shayan, When Bantaaji is kept at the side of Shaiyaaji, at that time the lid of the Bantaaji should not be tight but must be loose enough to be easily openable.
      And the Saamagris kept in it should be broken into pieces. (For eg. if you are putting Kaaju, Badaam or some Ansakhadi(like Mathadi…) they must be broken into pieces, but it does not apply to soft things like Kishmeesh.)

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    pankaj parekh (11 years)

    Dandvat jj
    aapne site mate aapne khub khub badhai.sharad utsav na program ma khub anand avyo.

  • avatar
    pankaj parekh (11 years)

    Dandwat jj,
    aapne site mate aapne khub khub badhai,aapno sharad ustav na program ma khubj anand avyoo.javara vishe pan janyu.
    sevama jarije ketli var ave.

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      Jaidev Goswami (11 years)

      Ashirwaad Pankaj Bhai,

      First you need to tell me about your Seva Prakaar, and then, accordingly i’ll tell you about Jhaariji.

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    Ashish Mehta (11 years)

    JeJe. Kindly give brief discription on seva prakar to be performed by vaishanv on Shard Poonam.

  • avatar
    Ashish Mehta (11 years)

    Dandwat and Congratulation for the efforts. I hope this will be the most informative site for all the vaishanav.

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    Nikunj Mehta (11 years)

    Dandwat jeje,
    Vadhai for the blog and very informative ans on jaawara which we offer to thakorji for past many years but without proper knowledge.. dandwat

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    Chandresh Shah (11 years)

    Dandwat જેજે,
    વિજય દશ્મિ ni Badhai. I have a question, to why, today, we offer JAWARA to our Lord & Vallabh Balak. what does JAWARA signify ?

    • avatar
      Jaidev Goswami (11 years)

      Aashirwaad, Chandresh Bhai,
      Shri Jashodaaji, used to tell stories of Shri Ram, to Baalkrishna at the time of Shayan.(see Ashtachaap, kahaani ke kirtan).

      She used to tell that, “When Shri Ram killed Ravan, the subjects-villagers-Rishi Munis and all present over there and who were celebrating Shri Ram’s victory, felicitated Shri Ram with the newest and purest harvest i.e. Jav which was growing in their fields. They cut the soft upper part of the Jav, tied it with red thread(red colour – symbol of love) and adorned shri Ram with it.
      All the people performed poojan of their weapons and vehicles which helped them in war against evil.
      So this day is called “Vijay Dashmi” (symbolizing victory of good over evil).
      So, till date, people follow the same custom of poojan.

      In Bhav Bhavana of Pushtimarg,
      “Jav”, is a divine symbol, present in Shri Swaminiji’s charanaarvind (lotus feet).
      “Jav” symbolizes “Navdha Bhakti”.
      Seeds of Jav are sowed on 1st day of Navratri. Each day, from the 1st day of Navratri, till the ninth day, the growth of Jav symbolizes increase in the “Navdhaa Bhakti” (Shravan, Kirtan, Smaran, Paada-sevan, Archan, Vandan, Daasya, Saakhya and Atma-Nivedan), which gradually reaches its pinnacle and fruitfully turns into Prem Lakshanaa Bhakti.

      A Pushti Jeev when gets Naam Mantra, the 1st seven bhaktis are incorporated in him.
      The remaining two i.e. Saakhya and Atma-Nivedan are incorporated through Brahmasambandh, in a vaishnav.
      After all nine bhaktis, by performing Shri Thakuji’s Seva(Pushti Purshottam), which is given by Vallabhkul as a swaroop/chitraji to the vaishnav, he gradually, by following the guidelines laid by Shri Vallabh, obtains the 10th bhakti i.e. Prem Lakshanaa Bhakti, which is explained by Shri Mahaprabhuji as “Total Surrender to Lord Shri Krishna”. According to Shri Vallabh the gopijans are symbol of Prem Lakshanaa Bhakti (Gopi Prem ki Dhwaja……….).

      So, on the tenth day i.e. on “Dushhera”, a pushti vaishnav ties all the nine bhaktis(symbolized by Jawhara) together, with the red coloured thread which symbolizes the Prem Lakshana Bhakti and adornes the lord with it.

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