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यहाँ, आप पुष्टिमार्गिय कीर्तन संबन्धित प्रश्न पूछ सक्ते हैं |


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    Bhavesh (11 years)

    Dandwat jj.

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    Dungersinh Bhatia (11 years)

    Shree Jaidevlalji bavashri,

    Dandwat and JSK to all,

    Thank you very much for giving us a real taste of Haveli Sangeet by providing-
    HOLI KE RASIYA by Hardika Ben Mehta.

    I came to know her many years ago at Mumbai. I have been searching on Internet for a long time to hear her voice.

    Please add more of her Kirtan/Bhajan/Haveli Sangeet on your web site.

    Thanks again and JSK.

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      ANITA RAIPANCHOLIA (11 years)


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        Lot’s of questions are pouring in and also academic studies have to be managed simultaneously, so there would be delay in answering the questions.

        This kirtan is composed by Shri Krishnadasji and is sung in mangla. Shri Krishnadasji does darshan of a Gopi who is in coversation with another Gopi who converse about an Adbhut Hori Khel Leela of Shri Thakurji and the further description is as follows……….


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      It is very good to listen that still vaishnavs are taking time out of their daily busy routine to learn pushtimargiya kirtans. It is purely Shri Thakurji’s Kripa.

      In Grahan, generally, Kirtans of Mahatmya are done.
      Like, padm Dharyo Jan Taap Nivaaran….1
      Nand Raay kumar Mohan….2
      and many more…..refer ashtachaap kirtan books.

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    vipul (12 years)

    jj na charano ma dandvat,i want to ask which kirtans should we sing at the bethakji of shri vallabh.

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      Jaidev Goswami (12 years)

      ashirvad Vipul Bhai,

      Shri Vallabh’s Kirtans from mangla to shayan are available.
      At Shri Vallabh’s Bethakji, you must sing kirtans according to the time at which you are present in the bethakji.

      If kesar snan is done then kesar ki dhoti pehre, kesari uparna odhe, can be done.
      you can also sing Shri Vallabhs Palna kirtan, at the time palna manorath(if going on).
      You can also sing kirtans on Sarvottamji , composed by govinddas.
      And Padmanabhdasjis kirtan etc.

      Vinanti and Ashrays pad must be definitely sung, at bethakji.

      But, Shri Vallabh loves to hear Prabhu’s Leela Yash Gaan Kirtans.
      His, Anand is in Shri Thakujis Stuti Gaan

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    Chandresh Shah (12 years)

    Jai Shree Krishna Maheshbhai.

    Reading at your reply, was saddened by the harsh words you used & compared to,for Shri Vallabh & its Balak

    The GOAL for each all of us, be it we Vaishav & for that matter Shri Vallabh too, is SHRI THAKORJI, nothing more , nothing less.

    Have you ever seen a building, with the Pillars starting from the 4th floor. Supposedly that pillar says, I wont start from Ground floor, but, will stand at 4th floor instead. What would be the state of the building Maheshbhai??

    The Pillar is filled with Iron Rods, strengthened with Metal, etc etc.., and it withheld the harshness of time. Why cant we give due respect to these very Pillars, who has drawn a line to our way of pustimargiya life., and

    Who are we to decide, to who is the player & the umpire?

    Please be constructive in your arguments…..

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    Ashish Mehta (12 years)

    Jai Shree Krishna Maheshbahi.

    Thanks for your comments.
    I have never forgotten Thakorji ……

    Now to clarify some of your points let us start with this.
    1. Devi Jeev is full of dosh
    2. Brahm is Nirdosh
    For Jeev to again get sambandh with prabhu has to do Brhamsambandh through Shri Mahaprabhu. This Means as per you once we get Bhramsambadh there is no need of Shri Vallabh.
    Now Jeev no ek Swabhav Che. He is still going to generate new dosh inspite of doing regular Bhagvat Seva. Now tell us who is going to correct this new dosh? Do you think that Bhram is going to correct us? As per Bhramsambadh we now have direct contact with prabhu and he should correct us. I think it is not true. We again need an umpire or a guru to correct this. Now if we want to avoid or to correct the new dosh and if we say we will not listen to the umpire or Shri guru since we have got Bhramsambadh then do you think we can correct ourself or will the match remain continue ? Again here Sharnagati and samarpan comes with respect to umpire or guru as per my understanding
    You also said until jeev purifies itself it is not possible for the jeev to get prabhu as jeev is full of dosh and prabhu is Nir Dosh.
    We very well now the story of RASKHANJI. Just looking at the picture of Shri Thakorji he felt in love and his verha dasha reached to that level that Thakorji gave Darshan to him and as Raskhanji went to catch prabhu, Thakorji said “ Pela tu Shri Goosaiji ne SHARNA ja ane pachi hu tane malish”. This means Thakorji gave darshan to Raskanji because the viraha agni of Raskahnji had neutralize his dosh and once as per your statement jeev when purifies then only he can get prabhu. Tell me them why Thakorji gave Darshan to Raskhanji. As per my understandinh when Thakorji give darshan to any jeev his dosh are automatically nutralise. Then tell me why Thakorji said to first get Sharan of Shri Goosaiji?
    All in all as said “yehi Tehi, Tehi Yehi, Kachoo na Sandeh.” In mathematic also if
    A=B and if B=C the obviously A=C
    Means Shri Mahaprabh and Shri Thakorji are one only.
    My question to JJ was
    1. Tell me difference between SHARNAGATI and SAMARPAN and
    2. What comes first SHARNAGATI or SAMARPAN

    I think my question has been wrongly interpreted.

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    Mahesh Nagar, Mehemdabad. (12 years)

    jai shree krishna Ashish bhai,

    How in ur conversation with j.j. , could you miss Thakurji.

    In one of the reply, j.j. said, “But, the jeev here( in pushtimarg) is a “Daivi jeev”.
    Even if he thinks of “Atmakalyaan” or not, he is going to get Pushti Dikshaa.
    Because being a “Daivi Jeev” his final destination is “Prabhu”.
    The Jeev is full of “Dosh” and Brahma is “Nir-dosh”
    So, jeev has to purify himself through Brahmasambandh which is given by
    Saamarthyavaan Guru “Shri Vallabh”, in order to qualify to do the Seva of Prabhu
    (Shriji, Goverdhandhar).”
    I m continuing with this reply. in this discussion.

    As per my understanding Daivi Jeev belongs to the lord.
    How can Shri Vallabh claim Samarpan and Sharnagati of the Daivi Jeev which belongs to Shri Thakurji.


    Ashishji you quoted that, “We the Jeev when think of getting Pushti Diksha”
    But, Daivi Jeev has nothing to think. (for Pushti)

    You claimed that, “We know the only one who is samarthyavan for dooing this is nun other then Shri Vallabhkool. That means we have to first
    surrender ourselves to Shri Vallbhkool and which is notting but the SHARNAGATI.”

    Here, it is not the jeev who goes to take dikshaa, “but Shri Vallabh handpicks them” by recognizing them as DAIVI, as the Daivi Jeevs are Shri
    Thakurjis Ansh.

    Because, Shri Vallabh’s Prakatya and jeevan on this bhootal is just for “daivi jeev’s Uddhaar.”
    A Jeev cannot himself go to Shri Vallabh, as, “Hriday maa je Taap, Klesh no Anand Thavo Joiye,
    Te Jene “Tirodhaan Thayo Che”.”
    Tirodhan = Vismaran.


    You have taken Samarpan and sharnaagati with ref. to Shri Vallabh——-Why?
    U are taking Brahmsambandh, Brahma implies Shri Thakurji, not Shri Vallabh (Sorry, for these words).

    Then why are u taking Samarpan and sharnaagati with ref. to Shri Vallabh?

    Let’s highlight one thing :

    In Siddhant Rahasya, Shri Vallabh said,” Saakshaad Bhagvadaaproktam, Tad Aksharashaha Uchyate”.

    What does this signify :

    With whose aagna this Marg was evolved? —————————-Shri Thakurji.
    Around whom does this Marg revolve ?——————————–Shri thakurji.
    Whose Seva we Perform?—————————————————Shri Thakurji.
    So, Samarpan and Sharnaagati must be towards whom?———–Shri Thakurji.

    This is my thinking, u can always correct me.

    Even though u have taken Samarpan and sharnaagati with ref. to Shri Vallabh.
    But, Shri Vallabh’s role in this Marg is like that of an :
    Nirnaayak in a cricket match.

    Match takes place between whom?————————————————————————–2 teams
    Who plays the match?——————————————————————————————-the players of both teams.
    Does Nirnaayak play the match, or does he get involved in the main play?————————–no

    But without the Nirnaayak match is not possible.
    He is eqaully and honestly responsible for both teams. His decision is Unbaised(That is agreed agreed by both teams)
    so, Nirnaayak is a silent but deciding factor.

    So, it is totally between Jeev and Thakurji.
    Shri Vallabh just acts as a medium of divine sambandh between Jeev and Thakurji.
    So, Samarpan and Sharnagati must be towards Thakurji.

    I also believe in, “yehi Tehi, Tehi Yehi, Kachoo na Sandeh.”
    But, this bhavna is generated only after Brahmasambandh and performing Seva.
    But u say that, “We know the only one who is samarthyavan for dooing this is nun other then Shri Vallabhkool”.
    Before Brahmasambandh jeev doesn’t know this.

    pls. comment.

    I have full 100% aashray in Shri Vallabh and the Vallabhkul’s Charanaarvind.
    I just intend to continue in a healthy discussion on this subject.

    pls. feel free to correct me.

    ………………….Bharoso Dradh in Charanan Kero……………….

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    Ashish Mehta (12 years)

    Dandwat JJ.

    Thanks for the comments.

    I do agree that we beeing Devi Jeev is obviously gooing to get Pushti Diksha i.e. Brahmsambandh through Shri Mahaprabhuji.

    Now kindly clarify this JJ:

    We the Jeev when think of getting Pushti Diksha, we by our self or by any other source are not going to get the Diksha. We know the only one who is samarthyavan for dooing this is nun other then Shri Vallabhkool. That means we have to first surrender ourselves to Shri Vallbhkool and which is notting but the SHARNAGATI.
    Once we accept the SHARNAGATI we obay all the agana of Shri Vallabhkol and we get BHRAMSAMBANDH. This is SAMARPAN.

    So as per my understanding first come SHARNAGATI and later SAMARPAN. Kindly elaborate……

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    Ashish Mehta (12 years)

    Dandvat JJ

    Thanks for your short and sweet informative answer on SHRNAGATI and SAMARPAN. You had sked us to elobrate on Sharnagati and Samarpan. To my best knoledge I try to elobrate on the same as follows.

    Sodas Granth ma Shri Mahaprabujui mukhya 4 vastu batavi. 1. Sharnagati 2. Samarpan 3. Krishna Seva 4. Bhakti.

    First we will try to understand Shrnagati.

    In Sanskrit meaning of Sharnagati is Sharan + agati.
    Sharan= Ghar(House) or Rakshak
    Agati= Avavu (To Come)

    It means ghar ma avavu or raksahk pase javu.

    This means any thing which we dont know or for dooing that thing, since we dont have that samarthya and to do that work we go to a person who knows that work or who is capable of dooing that work, and when we surrender to that person to get that work done mens our SHARNAGATI. For example:

    When we have tooth pain we by our self cannot cure or we dont have that samarthya to cure the pain and for this we go to a Dantist which means our SHARNAGATI to that Dentist.

    Now let us think of SAMARPAN.

    When we go to Dntist to cure the pain, the Dentist will ask us to follow all the instruction for curing the tooth.
    This means to folloew all the Dentist instrucition (potani jaat ne sopi devu jeni aapde sharnagati swikari che) means our SAMARPAN to that person.

    This means first come SHARNAGATI and then comes SAMARPAN.

    Lat us see an alaukik SHARNAGATI & SAMARPAN:

    Jiv (We) dont know how to do our Atmakalayan. For this we know that Shri Mahaprabhuji is samrthyawan to do this karya and we go to Shri Mahaprabhuji for these. It means our SHARNAGATI to Shri Mahaprabhuji and to follow all the instruction (Agna) is nothing but SAMARPAN.

    I hope I have tried to elobrate. However you are samrthyavan and we had done our sharnagati to you and promissed to follow all your agan. This is our samarpan. Kindly comment. Dandvat

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      Jaidev Goswami (12 years)

      well said Ashaish bhai,
      what you said is correct from jeev’s point of view, in general.

      But, the jeev here( in pushtimarg) is a “Daivi jeev”.
      Even if he thinks of “Atmakalyaan” or not, he is going to get Pushti Dikshaa.
      Because being a “Daivi Jeev” his final destination is “Prabhu”.
      The Jeev is full of “Dosh” and Brahma is “Nir-dosh”
      So, jeev has to purify himself through Brahmasambandh which is given by
      Saamarthyavaan Guru “Shri Vallabh”, in order to qualify to do the Seva of Prabhu
      (Shriji, Goverdhandhar).

      The entry of Pushti jeev(“Daivi jeev”) in Pushtimarg is through
      Brahmasambandh (Gadya Mantra).

      The Gadya Mantra says, “Hajaaron Varsho No Samay Vyateet Thavaathi,
      Bhagvaan ni Praaptini Maate, Hriday maa je Taap, Klesh no Anand Thavo Joiye,
      Te Jene Tirodhaan Thayo Che, Tevo Hoon Jeev, Bhagvaan Shri Krishna ne Deh,
      Indriya, Praan, Antaha Karan, Tenaa Dharmo, Stri, Ghar, Putra, Kutumb, Dhan,
      Aalok ane Parlok Aatmaa Sahit Samarpan Karuchu. Hoon Daas Choo, Hey!
      Krishna Hoon Tamaaro Choo, Hoon Daas Choo, Hey! Krishna Hoon Tamaaro
      Choo, Hoon Daas Choo, Hey! Krishna Hoon Tamaaro Choo.”

      Here, the jeev first does Samarpan.

      But, you said that, “This means first come SHARNAGATI and then comes SAMARPAN.”

      Can you elaborate on this ???

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    Ashish Mehta (12 years)

    Dandwat JJ.

    In our marg two words are videly used. One is SAMARPAN and the other is SHARNAGATI. Kindly explain the difference between two.

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      Jaidev Goswami (12 years)

      Aashish, Aashish bhai,

      Part 1:

      1. श्री कृष्णः शरणं मम
      2. पृथक शरणमार्गोपदेष्टकाय नमः
      3. जे जन शरण आए ते तारे

      Part 2:

      Shree Parmaananddasji’s kirtan,

      बली राजा को समर्पण सांचो

      Can you distinguish between the first part and the second part.
      1st is the Ashtaakshar – Mahamantra.
      2nd is Shree Vallabhs name given by Shree Gusainji in Sarvottamji.
      3rd is a kirtan by P.B. Maanekchand.

      Do eloberate on this topic of Sharan and Samarpan.

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    Chetna Maniar (12 years)

    thank you!!

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    Chetna Maniar (12 years)

    what is Haveli Sangeet? is there any difference between Kirtans and haveli Sangeet?

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      Jaidev Goswami (12 years)

      Ashirwaad Chetna Ben,

      The Ashtachaap Kirtans sung in the Dhrupad – Dhamaar Shailey in Pushtimarg is popularly known as Haveli Sangeet.
      But, kirtan is a much broader term and it is performed in many sampradaay to praise the deity.

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    Chandresh Shah (12 years)

    Yesterday at Rasoutsav Sharadutsav at Paramkeshav Baug, Ghatkopar, the 2 kirtans sung by Jaidevlalji bavashri, were so beautifully sung, & the atmosphere created was like sitting in Vraj, the Rass performed was as if sitting at Chandra Sarovar & the idea of giving booklets of the kirtans to be sung, made vaishavs involved in the BOL, and could sing along the PAD’s too in chorus. KHUB ANAND KARAYO AAPNE jeje…

    P.S : Please can you put the 2 Kirtans sung by you on the blog as downloads ?

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      Jaidev Goswami (12 years)

      Yes, it will be uploaded within a couple of days.

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        Chandresh Shah (12 years)

        Thanks jeje for putting the kirtan on the net, & hearing to our request.

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    vipul (12 years)

    j krupanath kirtan ma krishnadasni chap koni che te krupa kari janavso

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      Jaidev Goswami (12 years)

      Vipul bhai, this is the answer to your query:
      The chaap(pen name) which you have mentioned is of Krishnadaasi, who was Shri Aacharyaji, Mahaprabhuji’s Sevak. She was the खवासी (daasi) of Shri Rukminiji (Shri Vitthalnathji ShriGusainji’s Vahuji).
      At the time of labour pain of Shri Rukminiji, Krishnadaasi came to know that Rukminiji is going to be blessed by Shriji with a baby boy and she is the one who said that the name of the child to be kept must be Shri Gokulnathji.

      Krishnadaasi has composed many pushtimargiya kirtans.
      On aagna of Shri Rukminiji she has also composed a kirtan on Sharad Nisha.

      you can read the whole वार्ता(story) in Shri Mahaprabhuji’s 84 vaisnav’s book.

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