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यहाँ, आप सेवा, कीर्तन के अलावा अन्य पुष्टिमार्ग से जुडे विशयों के बारे में पूछ सक्ते हैं |



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    Meena (7 years)

    Dandwat Je Je,
    My mother has taken Brahmasambandh and does all sewa in form of bhog (sakhdi / unsakhdi), kirtan, flowers, jap-paath, etc. However, she daily spends 18 hours just doing this sewa and also visits the pushtimarg temple everyday. Her family life has become zero as she doesn’t like to sacrifice her sewa time for anything or anyone. Furthermore, she suffers from severe chronic arthirits and still insists on doing the sewa. Is it mandatory for her to do bhog sewa each day even when circumstances do not permit? Do family / health have to take a back seat for the sake of sewa?
    Thank you! Regards

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      Can you tell me your mother’s age as well as yours ? and whether you are married or not ?
      (You can reply by clicking the “Reply” button at the bottom right corner of this post).

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        Meena (7 years)


        My mother is 57 years, I am 31 and my elder sister is 36 years. We all stay in different from our mother as we both daughters are married.


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          Does your mother complain about her daily routine ? or
          Does she complain about her health ? or
          She doesn’t complain at all ?

          If she loves the life she is living right now, then let her live it. If she is happy, then let her be and in her happiness itself must lie your happiness. But, if she has any complaints about her life/daily routine, then post back here.

          What you can do is, occasionally, if time permits/if it is convenient to you, then take her to the haveli with you and spend some time with her. Help her get some things she needs for Seva from the market. You can keep someone (Vrajvasi/bhitariya) to help her in Seva, take her to the doctor.

          If suppose a mother is suffering from some ailment/illness, will that mother stop cooking food for her child ? Will she stop taking the child to school ? Will she stop taking care of the child ? No. Same is the situation here. In our Pushtimarg, Shri Thakurji is not considered as a Murti but the Seva is performed just like one takes care of his/her own child. Living such a life, the bliss(anand) one experiences by living such a pious life is over and above all material/worldly(laukik) happiness. Such a bliss helps one to overcome all the difficulties in life.

          If your mother has fulfilled all her responsibilities towards her family and wants to enjoy the life she is living right now, then so be it.

          If due to arthritis, she isin’t able to efficiently perform seva, she isin’t able to sit down to perform seva or some other problem, then post here again.
          But before posting, do tell whether is there anyone staying with your mother ?(your brother/father ?).
          Are you and your in-laws vaishnavs too ? Do you have Brahmasambandh ? Do you stay in the same city as your mother ?

          Feel free to reply.

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    kuntal (7 years)

    J J pranam,
    i want to now that only vaishnavs can take bhramsabandh?

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      Any person who wants to perform Shri Krishna’s Bhakti according to Pushtimarg, according to the principles propounded by Shri Vallabhacharyaji (Shri Mahaprabhuji) – the founder of Pushtimarg, can have Brahma Sambandh.
      By the way the word is not Bhram Sambandh but it is “Brahma Sambandh (where Brahma = Lord Shri Krishna, Sambandh = Relation”).

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    yatin (7 years)

    j j dandwat
    can we go to jain derasar and perform pooja of tirththankar even after taking taken brahmsabandh .If not pooja then can we go for darshan to derasar

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      Dear Vaishnav, Ashirwad,
      First let us understand the meaning of Brahmasambandh Mantra,
      The meaning of Gadya Mantra or Brahma Sambandh Mantra is as following:

      “The Jeev(person) which has been separated from the Lord by thousands of years dedicates to such a Lord
      their Body, Senses, Life, Breath, their Conscience, its Dharma (values), Better Half, House, Progeny,
      their Relatives, Wealth (Worldly and Spiritual) along with the Atma(Soul).
      Hey Lord Krishna, I Am Your Daas(Sevak/Servant)”, I am Yours.

      So, this means that whatever we believe is ours, we dedicate it to Bhagwan Shri Krishna along with our soul(aatma).
      We promise Shri Krishna that we are his servant(daas) and He is our “ONLY” Master and we will always be “Dedicated” and “LOYAL” to him.
      Our ultimate goal of life will be His selfless service(Seva).

      Now let us understand the meaning of one of the most important principle of Pushtimarg made by Shri Vallabhacharyaji(Shri Mahaprabhuji):
      अन्यस्य भजनं तत्र स्वतो गमनमेव च |
      प्रार्थनाकार्यमात्रेपी ततोन्यत्र विवर्जयेत ||
      – VivekDhairyAashray (By Shri Vallabhacharyaji(Shri Mahaprabhuji).

      * A Pushtimargiya Vaishnav must never worship any god or any goddesses except Shri Krishna(Shrinathji and other Pushti Swaroops).
      * A Pushtimargiya Vaishnav must not visit, to other gods and goddesses, with or without the intension of having darshan.
      * A Pushtimargiya Vaishnav must not pray(or perform any rituals,pooja) to any other gods or goddesses to get some wish, grant fulfilled.

      Brahmasambandh is like our Alaukik marriage to Lord Shri Krishna. Just like after marriage, a person doesn’t even think about other man/woman except one’s own husband/wife, similarly after Brahmasambandh a vaishnav must not even think about anyone else except Lord Shri Krishna(Shri Thakurji).

      By reading the above sentences you must have definitely got your answer.

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    Sweety (7 years)

    J J Dandwat,

    Hu roj nitya niyam pramane yamunastak, mangala arti bolu chu. Pn mara mummy mane navratri ma yamunaji nu staphan kari “SAMPUTI PATH” karvanu kahe che. pan amara bija vadilo na pade che ani… Jo tame a visay ma amro marg dorso to amari munjvan dur thase.

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      Je pramane Shri Vallabh e Shri Yamunaji ni Stuti kari che ej pramane aapde pan karvi joiye. Ema koi pan prakar nu modification karvani jarur nathi. Roj jem Yamunashtak bolo cho emaj bolvu joiye.

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    Sunita (7 years)

    Jai Shri Krishna

    I wanted to know , according to pushtimarg, is there any specific pooja to be done before going to stay in a new house.
    Thank you

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      Dear Vaishnav,
      first of all, as per the protocols of Pushtimarg, a Vaishnav must greet Vallabhkul by saying “Jai Jai Dandvat Pranam”.

      To answer your question, you need to specify whether you are moving into the new house with or without Shri Thakurji’s Seva ?

      I’ll be able to give you a precise answer only after knowing this.
      (You can reply by clicking the “Reply” button at the bottom right corner of this post).

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      sunita (7 years)

      Jai Jai Dandvat Pranam

      I am sorry I forgot to post this earlier, but I will be moving with Shri Thakorji Sewa.

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        You must purify the new house by sprinkling “Gau Mutra”.
        Toran must be tied above the main entrance, Swastik/Saathiya must be made on both sides of the door and a U-shaped Tilak must be made on the door.
        Chitraji of Shrinathji – Shri Yamunaji – Shri Vallabh in the new house is a must. If possible place “Lotiji” of Shri Yamunaji.
        According to Pushtimarg – there is no specific pooja to be performed before going to stay in the new house but the following can be done :
        You along with your family must recite Shri Yamunashtakam and 41 pad in new house. You can even recite Sarvottam Stotra.
        You can do vinanti to your Gurudev (Vallabhkul) for padhramni in your new house. Perform kirtan, Mala-Tilak-Arti and take their blessings.
        Grah Shanti (a hindu ritual) is optional, as being Pushtimargiya Vaishnav, we believe that where Shri Thakurji resides nothing can pose a danger.
        The day before moving in, the Shayan of Shri Thakurji must be done in Jhanpiji and then move all the sahitya (Singhasan…Khand Pat Choki…Shaiyaji…Vastraji etc) to the new home and set up everything.
        Next day, tie toran, make saathiya – tilak above Thakurji’s room or mandir (wherever you have made the arrangement).
        Prepare the Mangal Bhog and various other saamagris you wish to offer Shri Thakurji.
        Then carry Jhanpiji of Prabhu to the new home with full enthusiasm along with everyone singing kirtan and dhol-pad.
        Fill Zhariji, make Mangal Bhog ready and perform Shri Thakurji’s Mangla, offer mangal bhog and enjoy aapshri’s seva in the new home.
        This day will be celebrated as your Thakurji’s Patotsav.

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    Chintan (8 years)

    JJ Pranam,

    I have a question. Before asking question just wanted to let you know that I took Brahmasambandh in my childhood. My parents do pushti seva and I had been involved with them for long time. However as I grow I could see many situations which made me to ask questions before believing anything. That does not mean I am an atheist. I do believe in Vaishnav sampradya and do path daily.
    Now my question is,
    1. Recently I was travelling in train with group of vaishnavas. There was a 2 yrs old Muslim kid who was coughing severely in the night. I asked some of the vaishnavas to offer water to her and they strictly said “No”. Then I managed to get some water for her and then all people around me started giving me a look. Is that the correct way? We all are humans and Thakorje badha ma biraje che. I feel that serving humanities is the best seva to the God.
    Just wanted know your thoughts.

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      Dear Chintan, Ashirwad,
      Great question !!!

      I would like to quote a varta/story of Shri Gusaiji here….
      Once Shri Gusaiji(Shri Mahaprabhuji’s 2nd Son) was travelling from Shrimad Gokul to Shri Girirajji. On the way he saw a women of low caste, was lying on the road side. Shri Gusaiji who was kindness personified, ordered his khawas/sevak to inquire as to what the matter was. On returning the sevak replied that the woman was thirsty and there was no source of water like well, pond or river nearby. No one was ready to help her.
      Shri Gusaiji’s benevolent gaze fell upon her. Seeing a kind gaze, the woman by a gesture of her hand asked Shri Gusaiji to help her. Shri Gusaiji ordered his sevak to give her water from the Jhaariji(water vessel) that the khawas was carrying for Shri Gusaiji.

      The sevak protested saying, ‘Sone ki Jhariji Choo jaaegi, Krupanath’(The golden water vessel will get desecrate-apavitra, o! Merciful). To this Shri Gusaiji replied, “Jhari to doosri aa jaegi, parantu, tan se nikle praan phir nahi aaenge” (A new water vessel can be bought, but, the life once gone, can’t be bought back). Hearing this the sevak then poured the water from the Jhariji into the ladies’ mouth. She drank the water till her heart’s content and turned towards Shri Gusaiji and gestured thankfully with her eyes.
      Since she drank the prasadi jal (water) her mind and thoughts became sin free and, by the grace of Shri Gusaiji, and turned piously towards Shrinathji. From that day onwards she used to send best quality vegetables which she used for selling(she being a vegetable vendor) for Shriji’s Seva which after paying the necessary amount of rupees(after reducing a small amount as discount on her insistence) was accepted by Shri Gusaiji for Shriji’s Seva.
      This incident proves that Shri Gusaiji is Kindness Personified and our Pushtimarg is always above all caste, creed and religion.
      This is just one story, but, there are many such stories of Jeev Daya which can be found in Pushtimargiya varta sahitya.
      !!! Shri Gusaiji Param Dayal ki Jay !!!

      But some people just fail to understand this fact. By the kripa of Thakurji, What you have done is an ideal example of how a Pushtimargiya Vaishnav must be. Jeev Daya has always been, always is and will always be an integral part of Pushtimarg. We must not forget the fact that we are human beings.
      I would say, Thakurji’s Seva at our home as per Shri Vallabh’s teachings is THE BEST WAY of serving the lord but HUMANITY also is ONE OF THE WAYS to serve him as well which must never be overseen by a Pushtimargiya Vaishnav. But remember, we must not leave Thakurji’s seva at our home aside and make humanitarian work the only goal in life…first comes Thakurji’s seva and then Humanity.
      May Shrinathji’s kripa always be upon you.

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    meena (10 years)

    JJ danvat
    Jai shree krishna
    When are the other sections of the blog coming I am waiting for a long time to look at the shringaar section!!!!
    hope its comin soon…..

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      Time has become a great constraint from the past 1 year since i launched the website. Pushtimarg along with MBA as well as 3d Animatoion and VFX course – even 24 hrs. are proving less for this purpose.
      But, by Shri Govardhandhar’s grace I will be able to accomplish all very soon.

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    Deepak C Shah Godhra Gujarat:

    Dandwat jeje,
    Gusai ji ni bethak kem niche hoi che ane gokul nath ji ni bethak kem upar hoi che

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      Shri Gokulnathji Shri Gusaiji na lalji che, ane balak to pitashree na godi(kholaa) maa biraje che…..etle balak upar birajela dekhaayche ane pitashree niche birajela dekhaay che…..

      Your observation is very minute….it is better if you read the granths written by Shri Gusaiji and Shri Gokulnathji rather than falling into such nitty gritties !!!

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    Pankil Majmudar (10 years)

    Dandwant Pranam Jeje

    I have few queries on Brahmsambandh, recently it has come to my notice that Only VallabhKul Balak (Son) can give Brahmsambandh to Vaishnavs and not Betiji. Ist it true and why is it so.

    Also to ask that I have taken it from Betiji, does it hamper my relation with God and also to add that i am recently married her name is Radhika, she would alos like to take Brahmasambandh and come in Shreeji’s Charan. Can aapshri give us Brahmsambandh.


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      Ashirwad Pankil,

      it is good that you have taken “Kanthi” from a “Vallabh Vanshaj” and now you must take “Brahmasambandh” from any “Vallabhkul Balak” and the same applies to your wife……hope you have understood the difference.

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    OJAS PADHIAR (11 years)




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    Sushil Sojitra(Patel) (11 years)

    dandvat pranam JJ, JJ this site is very useful to all vaishnevs.aavij kripa aa jivo per karta rahejo JJ.

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    Sushil Sojitra(Patel) (11 years)

    Dandvat pranam JJ, JJ grahan vakhte daan aapvanu hoy chhe, te grahan na aagal na divse aapvanui hoy Ke pachhi grahan vakhte ke pachhi grahan pachhina divse. aane te daan kone aapvu joiye aane kona dvara(a person who should give it).

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      There are two aspects to be considered :

      1. Daan at the time of Seva. (This practice is followed in Havelis and also must be followed by a vaishnav.)
      If you are performing Seva at the time of grahan then the daan is done by Shri Thakurji.
      Here, you must place the daan in sanmukh of your Thakurji for a few seconds (note : daan kept in sanmukh is not kept as bhog). It involves the bhavna that Shri Thakurji himself is giving the daan (It’s a baal bhaav of nandalay by Shri yashodaji to protect her Lala from the evils of Grahan, that is why it is incorporated in Pushti Seva prakaar).
      The daan contains Sukha Meva and Mishri (no wet things), with coins 5 or 11 rupees.

      Aa Daan, Grahan na barabar vachhe na samay ma thaay.
      For. eg. This time Suryagrahan is on 15-01-2010.
      The sparsh (starting) is at 11.35 am
      The madhya (middle) is at 1.27 pm and
      The moksha (end) is at 3.31 pm.
      The total time of grahan is 3 hours and 31 mins.

      So, daan is to be done exactly in the middle of the grahan i.e. at 1.27 pm
      Note : The above timings apply only in mumbai.

      Ghar ma thi bahar nikaltaaj je pan jaruratmand(needy) vyakti laage tene aa daan karvo.

      2. If you are not performing Seva at the time of Grahan and you want to do the daan then,

      Daan tamne pote karvo.
      Ane aa daan tamne Moksha (end) pachi karvo.
      Aa daan ma tame, je manma aave te daan kari shako (grocery items like wheat, rice, pulses, sugar etc. also you can give clothes, kambal, rajaai and many more things of daily needs.

      Aa daan je vyakti ne varsho thi karta aavo cho tene karvo.
      This daan must be done to any needy person outside your house.

      Hope, this answer might have clarified your doubts.
      If not, then feel free to contact again.

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    Sanjay Mehta (11 years)

    Dandwat Jeje,

    Vadhai !!
    Blog is very informative & resourceful.

    While travelling for more than 24 hours with Thakorji in Jhapiji.
    What are the things needed in Jhapiji ?


    very respectfully
    Sanjay Mehta

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      Glad that you found the blog informative.

      As per your question:
      The main things required are :
      1. Bantaji filled with banta bhog in sufficient quantity i.e. more than usual.
      2. Jhariji filled with mishri and its opening covered with dry nevra (red cloth).

      And, after your journey ends maybe after 24 – 30 hours, you should take bath and properly clean the place where Seva is to be done.
      Due to the journey, shri Thakurji becomes Shramit, so, before starting the seva you must first prepare the Shram Bhog (if, you are doing ansakhdi seva then Shram bhog must be of katori (Sheera), if you do mishri bhog or dudh fruit Seva then the Shram bhog must be prepared accordingly).

      Then start the seva and offer Shram bhog and after few minutes offer mangal bhog and then continue your routine seva prakaar.

      Hope, this sorts your query.
      Feel free to contact, if further doubts.

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    Ashish Mehta (11 years)

    Dandwat JJ

    Yesterday I was reading a book. I read the prasang of as follows.

    I day Roop Sanatanji went to Mathura at Vishram Ghat. At that time Shri Mahaprabhji was performing his Sandhya. Four of Shri Mahaprabhuji,s sevak where also their. Roop Sanatanji had bhagvat smaran with Shri Mahaprabhuji and asked seeing to the sevak. Your marg is called Pushti marg. Pushti means Rusht pusht (Bharavdar) then why your sevak are so week (Durbal). Shri Mahaprabhuji said I told them not to come in this marg but they did not listen and now they are suffering (Bhogvi rahia che). Roop sanatanji did not understood the meaning of this and he went to Jaganath Puri where he met Shri Chaitanya Mahaprabhuji. Shri Chaitanyaji ask Roop Sanatanji that from where are you comming. Roopji said I am coming from Mathura. Shri Chaitanyaji asked whether you meet Shri Mahaprabhuji and if yes waht conversation you had with him. Shri Roopji said I asked why your devotees are so durbal when your marg is called Pushti and in reply Shri Mahaprabhuji said ” I told them not come in this marg but they did not listen and now they are suffering”. Listning to this Shri Chaitanya Mahaprabhuji was unconscious (jawar chadvi). Three times Shri Chaitanyaji asked the same question and every time after listning the answer he was unconscious.

    Now JJ kindly tell us the indepth meening of what Shri Mahaprabhuji said and why after listning the answer Shri chaitanayaji was unconscious.

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      Ashirwad Ashish bhai,

      First of all i would like to clarify that the questions asked by a vaishnav in this blog can also be answered by other vaishnavs.

      Let us divide this incident into 2 parts.

      1. As answered by Shri Vallabh – “I told them not to come in this marg but they did not listen and now they are suffering (Bhogvi rahia che)” :-
      A. When Shri Thakurji did Venunaad, the gopi’s came running to Shri Thakurji at mid-night.
      But, Shri Thakurji said,” Why have you come here in the middle of night, you should not have come here, you must leave.”
      But, the gopi’s did not leave and then only they could experience the Fal(fruit) of Raas Leela (Raas Leela No Aanand Bhogvyu).

      And it is a veda maryaada that when a person comes to become disciple, the guru first has to say “No”.
      This tests whether the bhaav of the person is strong(Dradh) or not. If he really has a strong Preeti, then only he is to be made a disciple.

      In the same context shri Vallabh gave the answer to Roop Sanatanji, but, as he did not know the Swaroop of Shri Vallabh, he took the answer literally without understanding the “Goodh Arth” behind it.

      ” રૂપ સનાતનજી નો પ્રશ્ન પિત્તળ રૂપી હતો પરન્તૂ શ્રી વલ્લભએ સુવર્ણ રૂપી ઉત્તર આપ્યો.”
      This was not understood by Roop Sanatanji as he did not know the Swaroop of Shri Vallabh.

      But, when Shri Chaitanyaji heard the answer of Shri Vallabh from Roop Sanatanji, he became unconscious.
      This is because Chaitanyaji understood the Swaroop of Shri Vallabh a little bit. He came to know the main Bhaav of Shri Vallabh’s answer,
      Shri Chaitanyaji heard the answer of Shri Vallabh from Roop Sanatanji 3 times and fell unconscious for 3 times as he could not bare the bhaav of the answer.

      2. why your sevak are so week (Durbal).
      A. Here let us highlight one golden sentence of Shri Damodardasji, “Yah Maarg Haasi Khel ko Nahi parantu Taap aur Klesh ko Hai”.
      This marg is of the Vraj Bhakts.
      They don’t take care of their eating and drinking habits, they dont experience joy or sorrow as they are always in Viprayog Dasha.

      In the same way,
      The sevaks of Shri Vallabh are so much engrosed in Prabhu’s Chintan and Seva that they never remember to take care of themselves.

      That is why they look durbal(weak).
      This question of Roop Sanatan at Vishram Ghat, according to me, was directed towards Krishnadas Meghan as he had a very weak physique, as Shri Krishnadas Meghan were present with Shri Vallabh at Vishram Ghat with other vaishnavs at that time.

      But, even if Shri Vallabh’s sevaks had a weak built, they had very strong heart by Shri Vallabh’s and Shri Thakurji’s “Prameya Bal(Direct Kripa)”.

      This is evident through the varta of Krishnadas meghan(weak looking) and Vaasudevdas Chakda(the strongest vaishnav of all time).

      Do read and post this varta on the blog with reference to this answer so that all can understand the impact of vallabh’s Kripa Bal to Vaishnavs.

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    samir kothari (11 years)

    dandvat jj, apni adi thi and thakorjini krupa thi misri jel ni vinanti thkorji ne kari e che, pen vinanti na krem ma thkorji ne koi rite shram padto hoi to , apni agna hoi to seva ni rit jana vu jema kai bhool hoi to aap krupa kari dhyan dorso,

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      Jaidev Goswami (11 years)

      Aashirvad Samir Bhai,

      It is purely Shri Thakurji’s Kripa that you perform Pushti Seva.
      It is good that you offer mishri bhog by giving Aadi(Kaani) of Shri Vallabh.

      As far as Shram in Seva to Thakurji is concerned,
      it would be better that you explain your Seva Prakaar (Mangla to Shayan) more precisely.

      Always do Vinanti to Prabhu that you are encouraged to perform full Ashtayaam Seva.

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    Trupti (11 years)

    Dandvat Pranam.
    Is Chritaji seva different from Lalan seva? Can you please explain to me how to perform Lalan seva. I have permission to do misri bhog only. But feel what if I may not be doing seva properly.Please explain what sloks/kirtans I should be reciting at what moments from waking up to sleeping. When waking up does my lalan get seated on singhasan right away for mangal bhog or does snan come first. at the moment I am only offering bhog one time. Am I doing seva correctly or not please explain.
    I also cannot read gujerati but can understand it.I have been researching websites for information for shirngar and type of vastra to offer based on tippani, but all realated to chitraji and so I have been trying to follow this .. is this righ? Please help. I throughly enjoying doing seva and truely can say that once he holds your hand he never will let go.

    Jai Shree Krishna.

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      Jaidev Goswami (11 years)

      Ashirwad Trupti,

      1. Chitrji Seva and Lalan Seva.
      A. Chitraji Seva is different from Lalan Seva only physically.
      But, the Pushti Fal (fruit) which you obtain is Same while performing Seva of Prabhu in any Pushtimargiya form.

      2. Mangla (waking Shri Thakurji).
      A. Before mangla of Shri Thakurji, you must do the following,
      – refill the Jhariji after washing and place near the singhasan at the left side of Shri Thakurji. No Bantaaji needed at the time of Mangla.
      – make all the arrangements for the Mangal bhog.
      – if, u want to change the saaj (cover of singhasan, gaadi, takiya, pichwaai, background vastra) – do it before Mangla.

      While mangla,
      – first, 3 times Ghantadi wagaado(if available) or 3 times clap your hands.
      – then, wake up Shri Thakurji and place him on the singhasan.
      – offer Mangal bhog.
      – after Mangal Bhog, perform Aarti Bhavna(if u do it)
      – then, Thakurji’s Snan must be done.

      3. Kirtan
      A. – Before Mangla you can do kirtan of Shri Yamunaji’s, Shri Mahaprabhuji’s kirtan (Jagaayve ke kirtan)
      – While Mangal Bhog you can do kirtans like – Kar Modak Maakhan Mishri…….refer kirtan book
      – After Mangal Bhog while darshan you can do…..Mangal Mangalam…….
      – If you do Mangla Aarti Bhavna then you can do……Aarti Balkrishna ki kije……..
      – then perform Snan of Prabhu.
      Detailed Kirtan Prakaar will be soon uploaded in http://www.pushtimarg.info – kirtan section.

      4. One time or two time bhog.
      A. Regarding this, you should try to take Aagnya from where you took permission for Misri Bhog Seva.
      If contact is not possible or you dont remember from where you took permission(Aagnya), then contact us again.

      5. Shringar and Vastra.
      A. There is no much difference in the Shringaar of both the forms of Prabhu. For Lalan, the Maalaji have thread(Parchiya), for tying.
      But, in Chitraji there is no thread as shringaar has to be stuck directly on the chitraji with Lagaav(Mom, Meen – type of wax used in pushtimarg to hold shringar).

      Vastra of Lalan are wearable on swaroop. Vastra of chitraji are stickable with Lagaav..

      Detailed information Shringaar and Vastra will be soon uploaded in http://www.pushtimarg.info – Shringaar section.

      • avatar
        Trupti (11 years)

        Dandvat Pranam.
        Thank you so much for the above information-it was indeed very helpful in correcting my seva. If I may ask – Do I need aagnya to offer Jhariji? Also after waking up Shri Thakurji, offering mangal bhog, then performing Thakurji’s snan, offer new vastra and shringar, and after placing Lalan back on the gadi what is next? Usually, khilona ramadu, kirtan keru pachi vastra badlee ana podadi dau. On his bedside there is a new refilled bantaji from night befre. Is this correct? If one offers Jhariji would that also be placed at his bedside? Please advice.
        I also look forward to the Kirtan Prakaar and Shringaar and Vastra uploads to your website

        • avatar


          Usually, khilona ramadu, kirtan keru pachi vastra badlee ana podadi dau.

          As quoted above by you, the prakaar you follow is correct but there should be a minor change.
          In our marg Shri Thakurji’s Seva is done with Baal Bhav, so,
          Shri Thakurji becomes Shramit as you make aapshri play with khilona and then change vastra,
          Hence, after doing the above you must again offer mishri (in small katori) as Shayan bhog before prabhu’s shayan, (usually, in Vaishnav’s house Shayan bhog consists of milk – dudh bhog and mishri).

          There is a nice kirtan by Shri Parmananddasji on shayan bhog:
          Raag kanhro,

          Dudh Piyo Man Mohan Pyaare,
          Bal Bal Jaau Gaharu Jin Kije Kamalnayan Nayanan Ke Taare…………………(1)

          Kanak Katora Bhar Pije Sukh Dije Sang Leho Balbhadra Bhaiyaare,
          Parmanand Mohi GodhanKiSon Uthat Hi Praat Karu Dhaiyaare………………(2)

          As earlier said by you,

          I have permission to do misri bhog only.

          there is no need of Jhariji.

          But, if you want aagna of ansakhdi seva then jhariji is necessary.

          Still, if you feel that you want to offer jhariji then it would be better to contact the vallabhkul balak from whom you took seva aagna.
          If latter is not possible then post here again.

          Feel free to clarify any further doubts.

  • avatar
    Chandresh Shah (11 years)

    Recently, I recd. this story on mail, which I would like to share it…

    Story from the Purana…

    Once the great sage Narada was intrigued by a doubt. He was sure that Lord Vishnu would clear it for him. He proceeded to the Ocean of Milk and found his Lord reclining on the giant hooded serpent-bed Shankarshana, His beautiful consort, Lakshmi devi beside Him.

    Sage Narada made his obeisance to Lord Vishnu and put his question to Him.
    “Oh Lord, what is the value of Vaishnava Satsang, the Association of Vaishnava Devotees?”
    Lord Vishnu smiled charmingly and said, “I will answer your question. But first you must do something for me. Look at that village on planet Earth. Can you see a small worm crawling on the ground over there?”
    With his yogic vision, Sage Narada perceived it and nodded.
    “Go over there and ask your question of that worm. I’m sure you’ll get your answer.”

    Sage Narada was puzzled, but he nevertheless did as instructed. In response, the worm looked up at him, promptly rolled over and died.
    Sage Narada was shocked. He hurried back to Lord Vishnu and told Him what had happened.
    Lord Vishnu merely smiled and told him, “Oh, is that so? Never mind. Now do one more thing. Go over to that cow-shed you see over there, in that town. A calf was born there a while ago. Please ask the same question of that calf.”
    Sage Narada was still recovering from what had happened earlier.
    “Oh no, my Lord! What if that calf dies as well? I cannot risk committing the unforgivable crime of `go-hatya’!”
    Lord Vishnu however, was able to persuade him and sage Narada left on his new mission. Warily, he made his way into the cow-shed. It was in the middle of the night and he approached the calf unnoticed. He put the same question to the calf. In response, the calf looked at him with its large brown eyes. And then rolled over and died!
    Sage Narada was horrified. Using all the yogic powers at his disposal, he fled the scene and arrived at the abode of Lord Vishnu, shaking with fear.
    “Oh my Lord! What have I done! The worst sin expected of anyone; the killing of the animal most dear to you!”
    Lord Vishnu pacified the trembling sage and assured him that no sin would accrue to him.
    “And in the bargain, my Lord, I haven’t even got the answer to my question?!” sage Narada complained.
    Lord Vishnu smiled and told him that he would have to do just one last thing for him.
    “You see that vast kingdom over there? The Queen has just given birth to her first child. All you have to do is ask that child your question and you will get your answer.”
    “No, my Lord! Please don’t ask me to go there. I have no doubt that some harm will befall that child as well. I simply cannot take that chance.”
    But Lord Vishnu remained adamant. What could the sage do? Nervously, he set forth towards planet Earth.
    Arriving on the balcony where the young prince was lying unattended, sage Narada cautiously approached him. The baby looked at him and gurgled with joy.
    Hesitatingly, the great sage asked the child, “What is the value of Vaishnava Satsang?’
    The child looked at sage Narada, and to his surprise, began to speak.

    “O great Sage. Your question has already been answered. When you, the greatest of Vaishnavas, had first granted me your association, I was an insignificant worm. As a result of my contact with you, I left that body and was awarded the body of the most pious animal, the calf.
    You graced me with your association once more, and I left that body to gain the birth of the prince and heir of this vast kingdom. And by your causeless mercy, you have granted me your exalted association yet again.
    Now I have no doubt that this is my last birth on this Earth. Your association will help me attain that Supreme Destination; the abode of Lord Hari Himself!”

    And this is the value of Vaishnava Association. We develop in all ways; spiritual as well as material.

  • avatar
    પિન્કિ (11 years)

    “જ્ય ગઓકુલ ક ચન્દ કિ જ્ય”

    Dear Bantu Raja, Dandvat.

    “Praagatya Divas ni Khub Khub Vadhaai”

    Pushti Bal Mitra

  • avatar
    Chandresh Shah (11 years)

    Dandwat jeje,

    Aapne Janam divas ni khub khub badhaii

  • avatar
    Chandresh Shah (11 years)

    Dandwat Jeje,

    Wishing you all the best for the ongoing MBA Examinations.

    Hope you come out with flying colours the same way you developed this Site, your initiative of an interactive Blog for queries on seva kirtan satsang.

    ALL THE BEST for the Exams.

    • avatar
      Chandresh M Shah (11 years)

      Dandwat jeje,

      Congratulations for passing the Management Exams withs flying colours.
      Wishing you all the best for the Final Semester.

  • avatar
    Utkarsh Ajay Shah (11 years)

    Dear JJ, Dandvat!!!!!
    The website is highly resourceful. Staying away from you at Pilani,this website makes me feel very near to my dear JJ!!!!
    The photos of Raasutsav 09 are pleasant.

  • avatar
    Jay Maniar (11 years)


    Uttamshlokdas and Ishvara Dubey were born in Ghodara, Gujrat in two different Bhramin families. When they became young men, they both cooked for a rich person. Once, they accompanied him 2 Agra. There, by the bank of Yamuna river, on the Raja Ghat, SHREE MAHAPRABHUJI observed both of them and mentioned 2 Krishnadas Meghan, “These jeevs are not ment to serve that person, but must be in service of the Lord .”

    Uttamshlodas and Ishvara Dubey overhearing the comments of SHREE MAHAPRABHUJI said, “What you say is correct, but to fill our stomachs we serve this man. We have no other talents and are illiterate.”

    SHREE MAHAPRABHUJI remarked,”I was just explaning this to my disciples. The LORD fills and nourishes everyone. Our faith should lie only in HIM.”

    When the Brahmins prayed to be initiated, SHREE MAHAPRABHUJI questioned, “You are Bhramins, why should you accept discipleship?”

    They replied, “What do we know of being Bhramins? Through Your shelter we will attain true wisdom.”

    After SHREE MAHAPRABHUJI initiated them he advised them, “Now take your parents’ permission and perform SHRI NATHJI’S worship atop Shri GOVARDHAN Hill.”

    Their boss earnestly requested them to remain in his service, but, refusing, they both returned to Ghodara and there requested their parents for permission to pilgrimage to Vraj. The parents, interested in keeping their sons at home, told them that, after some time they will all proceed to the sacred land of Vraj together. For five years they kept on promising that they would go to Vraj, but never managed to leave. One night, without telling anyone, Uttamshlokdas quietly proceeded to GOVARDHAN Hill. There he bowed to SHREE GUSAIJI and introduced himself.SHRI GUSAIJI, knowing hm to be blessed disciple of his Father, assigned him ‘seva’ of preparing the LORD’S offerings.

    Because Uttamsholkdas loved to serve the other Vaishnavs with the offered foodstuffs, everyone used to call him ‘Ma’.Because he had natural affection for other Vaishnavs.SHRI GUSAIJI always remained pleased with him.

    Six months after Uttamshlokdas came to SHRI NATHJI’S Temple, Ishwara Dubey’s parents passed away and Ishwara Dubey then proceeded to the GOVARDHAN hill.There, SHRI GUSAIJI blessed him with the same devotional services which Uttamshlokdas performed.

    After some days Uttamshlokdas left his material body and SHRI GUSAIJI started to call Ishvara Dubey by the name of Uttamshlokdas for he performed all of Uttamshlokdas’ services. When he served the other Vaishnavs who performed SHRI NATHJI’S services, he would give them extra ghee from his own portion, which he received from his temple duties as a cook. He thought that if the other devotees only received their alloted share of offerings, he did not really have a chance to serve them.For this reason, he gave them his own ghee. In time, he also acquired the name ‘Ma’.

    When SHREE GUSAIJI heard from the other Vaishnavs what Ishvara Dubey was doing, he questined, “Uttamshlokdas, why do give the devotees your ghee when they already receive their own?”

    He replied, “The devotees exert themselves by climbing up and down the Hill and SHRI NATHJI becomes upset to see them fatigued. The extra ghee gives hem strength, enabling them to perform their devotional services properly with zeal.”

    SHRI GUSAIJI, pleased with his motherly affection towards his God-brothers, blessed him with boon.

    Uttamshlokdas, requested, “Please, never allow me to become displeased with you.”

    After SHRI GUSAIJI said, “It will be.”, all other devotees present then wondered, “Why consider one’s own satisfaction? One should desire the Lord’s pleasure.”

    One Vaishnav asked SHRI GUSAIJI, “Why did Uttamshlokdas asked always to be pleased with you?”

    SHRI GUSAIJI knew but told him to ask Uttamshlokdas, who later explained, “Now SHRI GUSAIJI is pleased with me, but, if HE should happen to become displeased with me because of my faulty ‘seva’, my mind would become out of balance.For this reason, I have asked such a boon so if SHRI GUSAIJI happens to be angry with me, my mind will still remain in harmony and useful in Lord’s services.”

    The Vaishnavs all there were pleased to hear his reply. At that time SHRI GUSAIJI remarked, “Uttamshlokdas (Ishvara Dubey) hasreached a very high state and has asked something sublime. Now he will never suffer any mental disturbances.”

    both Ishvara Dubey and Uttamshlokdas were ‘bhaktas’ who received SHREE MAHAPRABHUJI’S grace.


  • avatar
    yashesh.mehta (11 years)

    jeje, DANDVAT I was overwhelmed by this , my que, whenever we go for darshan or even think of god automatically our EYES CLOSES is it REFLEXES or GOD WITHIN US OR GOD from doing Darshan Enters our Soul but whenever we are doing SEVA THAKORJI opens my EYES WIDE even if i have not slept that night, after long Travelling pls answer.

    • avatar
      Jaidev Goswami (11 years)

      Ashirwad Yasesh bhai,

      generally, a person when alive, his eyes closes when,
      1. relaxed,
      2. not engaged in any work,
      3. tired,
      4. in sleep(sub-consciousness),
      5. feeling peaceful,
      6. fear(sudden attack by someone),
      7. pain.

      While doing darshan ur eyes must not close. Darshan is a subject of “Anand”. In our marg, darshan is known a Zhaankhi, in Zhaankhi one has to keep all his

      senses(indriya) open and enjoy shri Thakurji’s darshan with each and every sense(indriya).

      U say “whether lord enters our soul”,
      if such is the case then where will ur Thakurji, who is already residing in ur “AntahaKaran”, Heart will go???

      Also, the Thakurji at temple , is a “Sarvodharak” swaroop, whch means who does “Uddhaar” of all. But, it not sure that he might put his kripa drishti

      on u or not. Many come to temple for his darshan.

      While doing Seva we have to remain “sajag” or “alert”, that is why our eyes stay wide open.

      Thakurji, at ur home, Pusht by Shri Vallabh, is “bhaktoddhaarak” swaroop, that is he there for “your Uddhaar” only, for experiencing seva done by u.
      So, ur eyes stay wide open.

      if, u want more clarification, then don’t hesitate to ask.

  • avatar
    Jay Maniar (11 years)

    Dear JJ,
    YeeSSS!! d word ‘wrong’ implies 2 material desires..’niswaarth bhav’ is wad v shud hav..thank u 4 enlightning on me..
    And yesss! thnx 4 pointing 2 d story of Uttamshlokdas..i vil surely post d entire story in sumtime..

  • avatar
    Jay Maniar (11 years)

    Dear JJ,
    whenever v do darshan, is it fine 2 hav sum expectations from SHRIJI…i know dat HE is antaryami and there is no need 2 even ask..but sumtimes due 2 ‘expecting human nature’ one always tends 2 ask sumthing vich may be wrong..dats not wad real ‘Bhakti’ is….den does this qualify as ‘apradh’…

    • avatar
      Jaidev Goswami (11 years)


      Pushtimarg is “Kripa Marg”
      In Pushtimarg, one should only ask(do vinanti) Shriji for Bhakti and Bhaav Vridhhi.
      The lord knows what you deserve.
      Suppose, you go for darshan and always ask lord to make you an Engineer.
      But, what if the lord wants to give you even better qualification?
      So, dont restrict yourself by asking material-laukik desires (If the word “Wrong”,in ur question, implies material desires).
      Just praise the lord without any expectations.(niswaarth Baav thi)

      You as a taker only have 2 hands but the giver has infinite.
      Ane kaink Yaachnaa karvi hoy to “Prabhu na Charnarvind maa Bhaav Vadhe”, tevi karvi.

      Do you remember the Vaartaa of Uttamshlokdas which was told in Pushti Baal Mitra?
      So, read it once again and do post this vaartaa in the blog.

      And then we will discuss “what is Apradh”.

  • avatar
    Chandresh Shah (11 years)

    Yesterday at Rasoutsav Sharadutsav at Paramkeshav Baug, Ghatkopar, Pujya Pad Goswami Shree Murlidharlalji Maharajshree na VachnaAmrut ma Aapshree ae kidhu hatu ke Sharad Poonam na divas ae the sky became RED when Thakorji ae Rasslila kari tyare 5000 years back, & the same RED sky was seen on yesterday night. Who says we are in Kalyug ? We observe & feel the presence of our Thakorji on daily basis.

    • avatar
      Jaidev Goswami (11 years)

      What u saw yesterday is Pushtimarg.
      Pushti = Prem, anugrah, Sneh (anuraag) = Prabhu krupa, colour of Anuraag is red.

      And about Kaliyug, Our Ashtasakha has sung:
      Kaliyug Sab Jag Te Adhikaayi, Yaame Pragate Shri Vallabh Rai.

      Vallabh Vachan = Shashwat Satya = 100% (no if, no but).

      – Gokul Ke Chandra Ki Jay.

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